Local Government

County MayorI am Herbert P. Davis and I am the Van Buren County Mayor. The County
Mayor’s Office is located at 500 College Street or PO Box 217, Spencer,
TN 38585. The phone number is 931-946-2314 and office hours are Monday –
Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The County Mayor is the chief financial
officer of the county and signs all warrants for general funds, also
co-signs any warrants for the county Highway Department. The mayor also
works with the County Legislative Body and appoints members of county
boards, subject to confirmation by the County Legislative Body. The mayor
has the care and custody of all county property that falls under his
jurisdiction. The mayor performs other duties and shares administrative
tasks. In this and other ways the County Mayor is often viewed as a
“Representative” of the county, as the county’s leader in dealing with
other governmental entities. Feel free to stop by or call with any
questions, my door is always open.


Administrative Assistant

My name is Wayne Drake and I am the Administrative Assistant for Van
Buren County Mayor, Herbert Davis. The Administrative Assistant works as
the County Mayor’s representative with Committees, the Legislative Body
and all county offices. I help maintain fund balances with the county
budget, maintain all accounts, expenditures and trail balance. I also pay
all vendor warrants and payrolls under the County Mayor’s control. Please
stop by or call if there is anything I can do for you as the Van Buren
County Mayor’s Administrative Assistant.


Assessor of Property

My name is Darlene Hale and I am Van Buren County’s Property Assessor,
the address is 500 College Street or PO Box 103, Spencer, TN 38585. My
phone number is 931-946-2451 and hours of operation are Monday – Friday
from 8:00 – 4:00. The assessor of property determines taxability and
value of properties, which includes structural measurements, sales
analysis and market trend studies. The Assessor inspects new construction
and improvements to existing structures to determine values. I also
explain assessed values to property owners, prepare and maintain current
data on each parcel assessed and identify the ownership of each piece of
taxable property. The Assessor conducts quarterly reviews of property,
complete and maintains assessment rolls. My office is always open for
questions and concerns.


County Court Clerk

My name is Linda Pettit and I am the Van Buren County Court Clerk, the address is 500 College Street, Spencer TN 38585.  My phone number is (931) 946-2121 and hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm.  The County Court Clerk’s duties include the following: Vehicle Registrations, Placards, Boat Registration, Notary Services, Marriage License, Notary License, Business License, Organ Donor Awareness Program, Beer Board Clerk, County Commission Clerk.




Van Buren County Sheriff: Eddie Carter

Eddie Carter has long been a familiar face in Spencer and Van Buren County. A 1979 Van Buren County Graduate, Carter served in the military for over a dozen years before returning and taking a job in a factory. He later sought work and was hired by the City of Spencer on their police force. He has remained with the City’s police force for the last 14 years.

On May 27, 2010, Carter was officially appointed and pinned with the ‘Chief of Police’ badge by Spencer City Mayor Greg Wilson. Carter began his job as Spencer City Police Chief on June 1, 2010.



Spencer Elementary School Denise Whittenburg, Principal
P.O. Box 218
Spencer, TN 38585
Phone: (931) 946-2171

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Van Buren County High School

“Home of the Eagles”

Chris Binkley, Principal
P.O. Box 278
Spencer, TN 38585
Phone: (931) 946-2442

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Van Buren County School Board Director of Schools, Michael Martin
Phone: (931) 946-2242

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